What is this? Who’s running this?

Welcome to the 2009 Boston Monster March.

The idea came from the Boston Zombie March, which I’ve been in a few times and helped to shepherd the crowd. Several hundred people in costume pretended to be in one of those movies about a zombie rampage, walking down the street and entertaining passersby. I was surprised there was no real permit, police presence, warnings, or really any purpose to the event. The founder moved out of state and it was a great opportunity for me to run a similar event, but organize it professionally, connect it to a charity, open it up to everyone, not just zombie enthusiasts, and have it end at a festival, a real place to celebrate!

That was three years ago. I guess I’ve just been busy with other projects, Check out my Wheel Questions community art project, through which I’ve answered over 10,000 anonymous questions about life, all handwritten on colored cards and posted on an outdoor installation for everyone to see and appreciate. And check out Johnny’s List of Weird Boston Events, the most popular blog on New England events, where I focus on historical re-enactments, festivals, fireworks, outdoor movies, haunted houses, and more.

If you click “About” on those sites you can learn a little about me as well. If you think any of this is cool and worth supporting, don’t stop at a warm thought! Make a difference by emailing me through the Boston Monster March and volunteering to help!